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Fire - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have their own way of reacting to their feelings when the moon is in the fire sign. Aries are: very self assured sure of their own actions trust in other peoples competence For Leo, they make those under this sign attention seekers that tend to dramatize, but they are very deeply passionate when expressing emotion.

Finding Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in 3 Easy Steps

For Sagittarians, their astrology moon sign tends to make them move around and explore. They also tend to take their own feelings and apply them to religion. Taurus, when in their astrological moon sign, will try to defuse unwelcome situations because they like calm. Virgoans are organizers; they also like to find out what is going on by engaging in activities while determining what's happening.

Moon Sign Calculator

Those under the moon sign of Capricorn tend to control emotions. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves, making this the most complicated sign of all. Their sign makes them wants to take care and be taken care of. Their free expression of emotions becomes extremely important.

While those in the moon sign of Scorpio can hold resentment for a lifetime if their emotions are not released, Pisces has a caring and tenderness and helps other people in need. All Rights Reserved.

What’s My Moon Sign?

It is functional benefic in nature. The strength of Moon can be analyzed through the Planet Jupiter as combined effect of these two planets indicate wealth, wisdom and prosperity. These two benefic planets are natural friends to each other and cause the happiness in one's life in any era. It is a smallest planet among all the other planets but it gives huge impact on earth due to its closeness with the Earth.

It is very nearer object to the Earth so it affects us a lot especially to the women due to its feminine nature.

Moon phase today - Lunar calendar

Our ancient sages have given much importance to the planet Moon, even more than Sun at times. Though, it doesn't have its own light. It illuminates itself with the Sunlight. It represents Water, it represents the fluid in our body. If Moon is placed positively in your horoscope , then it will bless you with the metal peace and happiness. On the other hand, if it is afflicted by malefics, then it may cause depression, mental stress in one's life. You may not get proper nourishment from your mother if Moon is afflicted in your horoscope, in fact you may lose your mother at an early age in such case.

Moon sign horoscope plays very prominent role while analysing the Natal Chart of an individual. Moon represents the emotions, psychological baggage etc in one's life. It also represents the "Mother".

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Moon is all about Nourishment and nourishing the things, to take care of everyone in the environment, like a mother does for her child. Moon sign chart enables you to get a clear picture of your emotions. The special preference has been given to Moon Horoscope at the time of marriage. Some questions may often arise into your mind. For example: What is my Moon sign? What is that mean?

Why do we calculate Moon sign? Moon Calculator can give you the brief idea about your Moon sign. You can easily find your Moon Sign through Moon sign Calculator. It can also provide you some information related to your Moon sign. Let's have a look about Importance of Moon Sign in order to understand it better:.

Moon phase today: Lunar calendar

Moon sign can be of 12 types as we have only 12 Rashis or Zodiacs defined in Vedic Astrology. Let's understand how your mind and emotions will behave if Moon is placed in various listed below signs:. Therefore, Moon Sign is very important with regards to every aspect of your life. If your mind is happy, then everything out in the world makes you more happy. If you are happy then you can spread the same happiness to the world around you.

What Your Astrology Chart Can Tell You

So it keeps on encouraging like a cycle of happiness. We hope you would like our moon sign calculator and find out your moon sign accurately as per Vedic Astrology. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Moon Sign Calculator: What is my moon sign? None 1 Hour 2 Hour.