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As today's Gemini moon makes a harmonious connection with incisive Mars, you're able to go deep with your own issues. The pace is picking up in your partnerships as the moon in your opposite sign Gemini connects with fiery Mars, boosting communication. It's a powerful time to visualize the future: What are your wishes, Sagittarius?

It's a productive day for you at work as the Gemini moon connects with fiery Mars, helping you multitask with speed and ease. You usually prefer to focus on one thing at a time, but you're getting it all done seamlessly today! The moon is in fellow air sign Gemini today, finding you in a flirtatious mood, Aquarius. You're especially up for adventure and trying new things as the moon connects with action planet Mars! The moon in Gemini illuminates the home and family sector of your chart today, encouraging you to find ways to get cozy.

Privacy and security are on your mind, and you're working through emotions as the moon connects with Mars—it's a powerful time to let the past go. You're in a chatty mood today thanks to the moon in Gemini. The moon connects with your ruling planet Mars, finding you in a good spirits though maybe a little competitive! The moon in Gemini illuminates the financial sector of your chart today, Taurus, and its connection with action planet Mars finds you in an especially productive mood.


On 26th November at 4. Are you curious to know what has in store for you?

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope For Love, Career, and Health - November

Read now your daily horoscope, for every day in ! Home Horoscopes Daily horoscope November 10 Aquarius. Love and partnership If you are experiencing a bit of turmoil in your relationship at the moment, don't always automatically assume your partner is responsible for it. Flirt - love for singles A tendency to rush into romance scares off potential candidates for your love.

Family and friendship Your social life is due to suffer some turbulence. Working life Your career faces unexpected obstacles which aren't easily overcome. Money and finances Even if you are receiving tempting offers on how to invest profitably, bide your time.

Aquarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

Health Your body needs special attention and your nerves are on edge too. Calculate your horoscope Birthday Month Jan. May Jun. Year Type Day Week Month. There can be recognition of your work or skills on the Helping others or learning new things can be especially pleasurable now. You're making considerable progress with higher education, networking, travel, legal affairs, friendships, publishing, promotion, and long-term dreams and goals.

You might be attracted to a new line of study or feel motivated to explore a topic more deeply. Be positive and open for best results. Do your best not to over-think around the Full Moon on the 13th, and be careful what you allow yourself to believe, as others may not be giving you the full story. There can be a vital culmination on an educational level for some of you.

*Head's up* AQUARIUS Holiday Love 2019 Mid-November through December

This lunation encourages you to take care of your daily affairs so that you can branch out more confidently. Self-honesty can have a lovely, cleansing, and purging effect on you. Facing things that you've recently avoided brings a feeling of moving forward.

Acknowledging complicated feelings can, most interestingly, untangle them just enough that you can fee freer. Aim to sort out what information is useful, and what matters are only serving to overload you and rob you of your peace of mind. If you've been putting off attention to mundane affairs, including errands and deadlines, you'll feel the need to correct the matter now.

The month can be a time for renewing or reviving projects that you were working on behind the scenes or that were left unfinished. Planets begin to move into your solar tenth house of career and reputation, starting with Mercury on the 3rd. You're giving more and more thought to your responsibilities, plans, work, and status.

You're also more accountable for what you communicate and more aware of how you are coming across when you speak or write. Others may recognize you for your ideas or intelligence, and this is rewarding. You might find yourself more frequently in the position to make decisions about your life direction and career. There can be reminders to make changes to areas of your life that have become too predictable. Your ruler, Uranus, gets some nudges from planets opposing it in October. New insights into your career or life path are coming now, and it's important to listen not only to what your intuition is telling you but also to what seems to be coming from out of the blue.

A progressive and innovative approach is called for, but shouldn't be pushed too hard or taken too far. Aim to be flexible since changes on the home front can take up large chunks of your time this month. While you're particularly alert on business or practical levels this month, you also see things you don't typically see in your interactions with others. You can gain new information and valuable insights into your relationships, projects, and money situation. In leadership or professional roles, extra charm or intrigue surrounds you.

Support from behind the scenes can figure strongly. Until October 23rd: The Sun continues to shine its light on your solar ninth house now. This is a cycle in which you seek to expand your experiences and awareness, whether through philosophical thinking, higher education, travel, or simply activities that take you away from your everyday routines. You may feel a little restless if you don't find ways to explore.

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It's an excellent period for looking at your life from a different perspective--a broader one--whether you initiate this process or you make contact with others who stimulate you to think about your circumstances differently. Your energy is strong, open, and friendly right now, you come across well to others, and you are a little bolder and adventurous than usual. From October 23rd forward: The Sun illuminates your career and reputation sector. More than any other time of the year, your focus is drawn to your "place" or standing in the outer world, and your reputation.

This is the time when you are more interested in, and focused on, accomplishing something important. Your competency is something that you are especially sensitive to during this cycle. You want to shine. Your vision is practical right now, and you want to see tangible results for your efforts.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

More contact with authority figures is likely during this period. Recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the responsibility that comes right along with it! Do what you feel is right, keeping in mind that you are at your most visible during this period in the year. Until October 8th: Venus continues to grace your solar ninth house. During this cycle, your ideals in love are set high. You might become inspired by a loved one now, or someone might awaken a new perspective or way of thinking in you.

You could also enjoy a trip, or a new adventure of sorts.

In fact, you are attracted to anything that is non-routine and fare best when you are reaching out beyond your usual bounds. You might be attracted to people or even objects that are exotic or different in some way during this cycle. It's a good period for personal charm and attractiveness in general.

aquarius Horoscope

From October 8th forward: Venus graces your solar tenth house now. During this cycle, you are most charming and well-received on the job. Your responsibility and authority are likeable qualities now, making this a favorable period overall for schmoozing with those in a higher position than you, as well as for negotiations or social activities related to business. Venus is charming, friendly, and affectionate, and her presence in your career and reputation sector brings social opportunities to your career. You are coming across well at work now, and romantic opportunities, or simply more chances to socialize and network, are likely.

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You are socially ambitious right now, and success may come through your good managerial qualities or some form of artistic talent, or, indirectly through your marriage partner. People who turn your head during this cycle are those who come across as especially competent.